Basic trail conditions and tips for beginners.

The Appalachian Trail is a wide mountain range spreading America along California and other main cities. But cities are not what the Appalachian trail holds, it’s mostly mountains and flats filled with jungles. The conditions of the trail change all year around according to the weather and for beginners Appalachian trails will be not so easy to hike.

Basic trail conditions of the Appalachian Trail

You can expect snow in every part of the Appalachian Trail in April and May. The temperature also decreases from around 0° to 5° which makes this period difficult for hikers. Most of the hiking spots are closed during this season because of heavy snowfall some of them allow hiking but only for professionals and expert-level hikes. There are some places which are not accessible at all during this time.

Following June and July, things get worse as the temperature increases. Snowfalls are now converted into rainfalls, not just cold and chilling water rainfalls. No raincoats and umbrellas can help trekkers in this rain if you are not able to find shelter you can suffer major health issues from hyperthermia. Hikers are not advised to visit during heavy rains.

The remainder of the year is hot and humid which is great for hikers. However summer also brings more danger to the Appalachian mountains such as bears, and big cats. Some days during this time are hot as 40-50° celsius which makes trekkers impossible to hike. These are extreme conditions which are mentioned above but otherwise the weather is perfect for hiking and trekking.

Check the weather forecast before beginning.

As mentioned above, the conditions in Appalachian trials can get worse which may kill you if you are a beginner and never visited such trials. Therefore, it is a wide choice to check before leaving for hiking. Hikers are advised to check whether, especially during the rainy season and winter, the conditions are the worst during this time. Also, in summer check the afternoon temperature in the morning itself to avoid sunstroke.

Pre-plan everything and proper management

It is a simple fact, you cannot start hiking on the Appalachian trail without planning everything days before, it takes many days to plan everything and a person also be ready to change the plans according to the weather. Decide how many days you will be travelling and how many kilometres you will cover in a specific period. Staying longer than the suggested periods can be dangerous. Manage everything well, take help from an expert hiker or professional to manage your things and time.

Carry a full-proof bag

Carrying a full-proof bag means you must have a hiking bag which is suitable for all weather conditions. The bag must be strong enough to carry your stuff and handle the sharpness of the jungle. A mere opening in your bag can make an entrance for insects to ruin any stuff in your bag. Make sure your bag is not that heavy on your shoulder. You must carry all essential things such as knives, ropes, lighter and other survival stuff in case of emergency.

Do not carry pets

It is not a good idea to bring a domestic animal out in the wild. A dog is a good choice to keep away wild animals. However, except for dogs like pitbull or German shepherds, no dogs are safe from animals. The chances are very high that your domestic animal will get lost. You may never be able to retrieve it back. Domestic animals are not built to survive in the wild and they can die from small injuries. Your hiking experience will not be worth it with an animal companion.

Basic trail conditions and tips for beginners.

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