Top 10 things to do in Quebec City

Quebec is a city in Canada which is known for its nature and heritage, but heritage and nature are not the only reason people visit Quebec, casinos are also famous in Quebec with several small casinos all over the City. In this list, we will involve many natural and man-made places which are major tourist attractions of Quebec City.

Montreal Casino

Montreal Casino is one of the biggest casinos in Canada and the biggest casino in Quebec. Many residents and people visit Montreal casinos for drinks, food and of course gambling their luck. It is one of the main attractions of Quebec with beautiful architecture and modern gambling facilities. Tourists are recommended to visit Montreal Casino while they will visit Montreal for sure.

Old Québec

North America’s oldest streets

Quebec North Street is not an ordinary street, this street holds most of the history of Québec as this street is the oldest on the American island. You can find such a street still made up of stones and pebbles. These streets are located kn the northern and southern sides of Quebec. Try not to take vehicles and take a walking tour with a guide to know the history of Québec.

Château Frontenac

Do you know why this hotel is so famous in Quebec because this is the most photographed hotel in the world? This hotel is not an ordinary hotel as this hotel also holds some history of Québec itself. This hotel looks like something from the fantasy world on the edge of the mountain. Luckily you can still book a suite in this hotel at affordable rates and of course, this hotel holds luxury within itself.

Dufferin Terrace

Now let’s talk about the nature of Québec. Dufferin Terrace is a sidewalk along with the St. Lawrence river with beautiful scenery. This place is very well maintained and sanitised. There are many tourists all around the year. There are many famous buildings on this path. A Photowalk or tour walk will be an amazing experience. As said earlier it is better to go by walk rather than using a vehicle to enjoy this place.

Gates and Ramparts of Quebec

As we said earlier this city is the historical city of Canada. This whole city is a type of walled city, which means there are many walls and gates around the city. Some gates are around 1000 years old. These gates are very much beautiful and are attractions all over the City. These gates hold architectural significance.


Petit-Champlain is a street market in Quebec, this is not an ordinary street market, this market is world famous for its art galleries and scriptures. You will find art from world-class artists on this street. Street food is also famous for serving alcohol and other beverages. This is a must-visit place for photogenic people.

Place Royale

Place Royale is the place where the city of Quebec was found by the Canadians of different regions. This place is been part of many movies and television series. The place is a combination of French and Canadian architecture showing the skills of the people of Quebec during historical times.

Plains of Abraham

This is a battleground where the British took over the City of Quebec from the French people. This place is the historical mark of Quebec and holds an important place in the history of Canada. Now, Plains of Abraham works as a tourist attraction with plain grounds and architectural phenomenons.

Citadelle de Québec

Citadelle de Québec is a fortress built on the top of the hill. The eagle-eye view of this place is amazing. This fort is one of the most beautiful forts in the world built with proper tactics by the Britishers. This place has star-shaped walls, you can find soldiers marching all over the place.

Basilica Cathedral Notre-Dame de Québec

Here comes one of the most beautiful and elegant churches in the world, the Basilica Cathedral Notre-Dame de Québec. The inside of the place is made out of mythical glasses and the place still holds all pieces together. This is also the first Catholic Church in Quebec.

Top 10 things to do in Quebec City

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